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What is the DBA (bac+8) at EIMParis?

EIMP offers a three-year online Doctorate in Business Administration to solve complex real-world business problems and enhance candidates’ professional careers to be recognized as an expert in
their industry.

The DBA degree aims to educate, train and develop students as high-level professional problem solvers in their work area. EIMP is an institution known for its experience in online learning methods, with over 16 000 zoom classes in 2020 using the latest educational technologies.

The DBA program applications are now open for Spring 2022 entry

Today’s world and the recent health and financial crises demonstrated the increasingly complex business environment. Therefore, it is essential for business managers and leaders to establish practical research projects to solve real problems through applied research. Doctor of Business Administration is the highest degree in Business Administration, with only a tiny percentage of professionals reaching this level. Doctors of business administration are acknowledged as leaders
of their organizations and the international community.

DBA Program

The Doctor of Business Administration is a research doctorate level degree offered by EIMP. The DBA degree exploits these strengths to deliver a flexible online learning program compatible with a full-time job. The courses allow professionals to work in the office, at home, or anywhere; only a device connected to the Internet is sufficient. In addition, our program introduces the latest management theories to gain the necessary skills to move practical research projects into publication.

During this first and the second year of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, you will undertake 15 modules through our online learning platform. These are designed to equip the skills needed for research projects in the final year. For example, the research project could focus on a complex real-world business problem dealing with the candidate’s current work situation.

The DBA program consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1 – Modules
Stage 2 – Thesis supervision – Online Workshop
Stage 3 – DBA Thesis dissertation and Oral defense

After completing the module stage, students embark on the research stage to determine and submit their research proposal. A thesis director is appointed according to the formal academic feasibility of the research proposal. The online Workshop stage allows the thesis supervisor to monitor the candidates’ progress

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  • Master’s degree or equivalent,
  • IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL 75 (official English exam results) or proof of studying years in an English-speaking environment
  • Submit a copy of the Academic diplomas, transcripts, certificates
  • 5-year minimum professional experience
  • Photocopy of a valid passport/national ID
  • Resume/CV
  • Motivation letter

  • Interview : a final interview takes place, and then a final letter of admission is sent to the prospective student.
  • Confirmation

Why do a DBA ?

The DBA is three years program undertaken online on a part-time basis. However, some candidates may require a longer time due to changing professional demands. It is structured around five workshops per year, taught by internationally renowned consultants and researchers who offer the latest theories to help participants undertake their research projects.

DBA is ideal for candidates who want to reach a doctoral level qualification and remain employed. DBA focuses on real-world business problems that can be directly applied in the workplace rather than academic questions, and it requires candidates to demonstrate that they make an impact on the development of a profession and/or an organization. An online DBA program prepares professionals to apply theory and research to practical problems found in all areas of business and management for aspiring CEOs, project managers, and executive directors.

When you join our DBA program, you will experience a curriculum designed to prepare you to perform more effectively in your existing jobs, qualify for leadership roles, start your business, or establish new capabilities for another career in consulting. In addition, earning a doctorate in business administration provides the necessary knowledge based on the latest research and theories.


After completing the DBA program, graduates will build leadership skills and expand their knowledge in problem-solving to address 21st-century challenges and bring economic, social, and business value to the international community.

  • Apply business theoretical knowledge to solve problems in an increasingly complex world;
  • Apply expertise in ethical standards and practices;
  • Comprehend the true nature of small and large organizations in the globalized economy and determine the needs to solve work-related problems ;
  • Demonstrate the ability to select topics that contribute to the knowledge of the subject;
  • The ability to integrate research within an academic framework;
  • Demonstrate the ability to place correctly within the scientific framework the research aims and research results;
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand the relevant techniques in the field of research;
  • Demonstrate the capacity to critically evaluate and effectively present this new knowledge to the scientific community;

Our DBA Paris is aimed at professionals and business leaders in activity who have got a master’s degree and who wish, through work of reflection, research and thesis writing, to resolve a problem and deepen their knowledge in their field of activity. The advantage of doing a DBA thesis at EIMParis is to develop its problems related to its field of activity based on an academic approach as well as a professional experience. The DBA Paris program is 3 years part-time allowing future doctoral students to adapt and continue their activities in parallel with their research.

  • A DBA accessible to all
  • A program and methodology adapted to your activities
  • Regular follow-up with professional and passionate Doctors
  • A flexible program adapting to your research

The tuition and DBA Program fee of this 3-year program covers tuition and includes required textbooks and statistical software; Tuition fees: 4000 euros per year.

To help make studying at EIMP more manageable, we encourage prospective candidates to apply for financial aid and student scholarships. For further information, please contact the program director.

EIMParis has recently offered this training and does not yet have any feedback on employability and satisfaction after our training.

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